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In many organisations senior management do not want to hear about payroll, they want it to be right, on time and every time. We agree that this is a minimum requirement for any payroll. We are intensely proud of our unique payroll services, SymplyPay, to support both UK and the wider requirements of a global payroll. We offer our clients a choice of payroll services that not only focus on receiving payroll data and paying people, we really focus on simplifying the whole pay data flow to ensure that operationally it is fit for purpose. We have taken our own medicine and transformed the way we deliver this service; we have undergone a digital transformation that ensures we embrace the latest Cloud technologies and deliver a great service.  With this approach, we will enable you to avoid the pit falls that many organisations encounter; you will no longer have to have a large number of manual processes or need a separate payroll team  to  manage, check, rekey and report of results because the service provider just wants you to provide the data! 

Not only that, we are ISO27001 data security and Bacs accredited and run out of the UK. 

In our world payroll just works! We know that great payroll relies on great data and that data comes from the rest of the business – typically HR, employees or managers. All our SymplyPay services embrace a single Oracle Cloud  HR / Payroll technology layer and this underpins everything we do. We allow the payroll team to focus on supporting your employees, improving  the whole experience   and offer support on  their financial wellbeing by keeping them notified of upcoming changes, allowing them to access their earned pay prior to the official payday, automation of self assessment activities and many more elements that increase your employees Personal Wellbeing. 

By really harnessing the awesome power of Oracle to automate and remove unnecessary activities we can deliver a highly effective, operationally efficient and employee enhancing SymplyPay payroll service. Because we’re an end user of Oracle HCM in our own managed payroll teams – in fact the only one of its kind in the UK – we know what truly great Oracle payroll feels like and what it takes to deliver. 

Our SymplyPay service means that our team becomes an extension to yours. Having built up our experience over many years we have a team of highly qualified and experienced payroll experts with the operational knowledge and experience allowing us to offer, as standard, unparalleled service level agreements of 100%. 

Outsourcing your entire payroll function can be a cost-effective option for a wide range of businesses as it removes unnecessary workload and complexity from your business and adds an enhanced level of service and security – but only when delivered by an expert supplier. What’s more, if you decide to bring payroll back in-house, the system is still yours, removing the need for implementation of software to be able to do so. 

We are immensely proud of the ground-breaking SymplyPay service we provide to our managed payroll customers on the Oracle platform and we’re sure you will be too. 


Case Studies

Dignity Funerals

Dignity Funerals

Watch our short video case study about Dignity implementing Oracle HCM Cloud and Symatrix’ BPO Managed Payroll Service.

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