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Symatrix Bacs Processing Outsourcing

For businesses that have on premise payroll, finance and/or BACS solutions*, Symatrix offers a cloud based, BACS Approved bureau service, which can greatly improve business BCPs and help to de-risk the end to end payroll process.

We can process payroll, expenses and supplier/third party payments on your behalf.

We are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials accredited and have procedures in place that meet the highest of audit standards (including FSA regulated).


  • Reduce the number of systems IT need to maintain
  • Reduce the risk of system upgrades, additional testing requirements, unplanned resource demands
  • Predictable cost for payment processing, supporting your financial planning
  • Improve BCP; if your people, systems or environment are not available, you can still pay your people and/or third parties, reducing the risk of fines or compensation payments
  • De-risk your payroll process; helping to mitigate the risk of fraudulent payments through segregation of duties.
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