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Wagestream - Earned Wage Access

Wagestream - Earned Wage Access

Build financial resilience for your workforce with Wagestream's financial wellbeing solution

Fostering employee wellbeing is important for people and their organisations.

Wagestream’s Financial Wellbeing solution gives your workforce the ability to access a range of features that will help them unlock financial freedom by giving them power over their pay. With tools to track, stream, learn and save, your employees can transform the thing that matters most - their financial lives. 

Wagestream has been designed so there is no impact on your current payroll process. By offering the service to those who need it, you can improve employee retention by up to 16%, as well as help with recruitment and enhance your employer brand.

Symatrix and Wagestream have built a free tool for you to assess the financial wellbeing of your people.  

Fill in the form to take the survey, or if you would like to chat to an expert please get in touch with

Symatrix is delighted to be partnering with Wagestream to offer this solution for Oracle payroll. To find out more about how Symatrix and Wagestream can help improve the financial wellbeing of your people we encourage you to take a few moments to visit our survey to measure the health of your employees.

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