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High Tech

High Tech

The high tech industry often sites their biggest challenge is around having the skills and resources to drive growth. Finding the appropriate talent with the necessary specialisms and industry knowledge is a reoccurring issue we hear.

They place high value on their Leadership teams and structures to ensure that they have the best people in place to drive their business strategy.

A huge challenge for the high-tech industry is the focus on new rules, regulations, and policies. As business expands, the regulations and policies also become all the more stringent. Businesses need to be compliant at all levels, right from procurement to delivery. Where this sector often leaves great value behind is focusing on the time period between the delivery of projects and the corresponding invoices to receive the payments that are due – Cash is King!

Of all the challenges this industry faces, making their HR, Payroll and Finance applications worker hard for them should not be amongst them.

See how Symatrix can help your organisation to unleash the endless possibilities of your enterprise applications with managed application services and global managed payroll.


Specialised High Tech Services

BPO Managed Payroll icon

BPO Managed Payroll

We’re guessing you never want to hear about payroll, you just want it to work? We agree. That’s why we’re intensely proud of our unique payroll service designed to be truly different. Symatrix’ BPO Managed Payroll Services provide an operationally efficient service, which reduces administration and risk, whilst controlling cost. Not only that, it is ISO27001 data security accredited and run out of the UK. 

Cloud HCM & ERP Managed Services

Cloud HCM & ERP Managed Services

Are you finding it harder than you imagined to manage or maximise your investment in your enterprise Cloud? Symatrix’ next generation Managed Services takes that headache away; driving solution optimisation whilst lightening the load of release management, testing and support from internal teams.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Who’s had one of those lightbulb moments where things become clear (as if the Clouds had parted)? That’s what you get when you work with us on process improvement. We make it fun and engaging to review, streamline and improve your processes, giving you control and confidence in your data and ways of working.

High Tech Customers

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