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Swati Mohapatra

Oracle Cloud Payroll Consultant

I’m Swati Mohapatra, and I have joined Symatrix as an Oracle Cloud Payroll Consultant. I have been working in the Oracle HR and Payroll area for about 18 years now, primarily in e-Business Suite, but recently in Cloud as well. I have worked on some of the big government projects in UK in Support, Testing as well as Implementation projects through my Oracle career.

I live in Swindon, with my two daughters aged 10 and 15 who take up most of my time. When I get some free time, I like reading novels, painting or, watching ‘whodunnit’ shows.

Symatrix has been extremely welcoming, the first week was organised by my new colleagues, who took us through ‘everything we needed to know’. The induction was really good and made us feel comfortable. Even though we are all still working remotely, I already feel a connection with everyone at Symatrix, which just shows how well everything was organised. Everybody is really approachable, and I am so excited to be a part of the Symatrix.

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