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XCD and Salesforce

XCD and Salesforce

XCD HR & Payroll. Born in the cloud. Built on the world’s most trusted platform, Salesforce.

What is the key activity that holds HR professionals back? Administration!

XCD embraces the power of the Salesforce platform to remove the administration that surrounds the entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire. Cut admin time by up to 70%. Harness proven ROI. Deliver cutting edge workforce strategy with smart analytics, data automation and mobile self-service.

A BPO Managed Service that is ideal for those companies with 1500 or less employees or those with a Salesforce strategy. You can cay goodbye to spreadsheets, and manual data transfers, payroll errors and hours rekeying data. XCD’s pioneering ‘single solution’ application provides one destination for all HR & Payroll data management tasks.

What’s more, we now provide a BPO Managed Payroll Service on XCD, allowing us to concentrate on getting payroll right and you to concentrate on HR.


Salesforce Offerings

Fully Managed Payroll

BPO Managed Payroll Services

We’re guessing you never want to hear about payroll, you just want it to work? We agree. That’s why we’re intensely proud of our unique payroll service designed to be truly different based on the XCD and Salesforce platforms. Ideal for companies with less than 1500 employees, Symatrix’ Managed Payroll Services provide an operationally efficient service, which reduces administration and risk, whilst controlling cost. Not only that, it is ISO27001 data security accredited and run out of the UK

Case Studies


SMMT was introduced to Symatrix as the XCD partner who provide a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Managed Payroll Service, effectively becoming the SMMT Payroll Team.

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