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Process Improvement

Process Review and Design

Modern and simple-to-understand processes are key to ensuring that HR is a valued enabler for your organisation. But when you’re involved yourself it’s often hard to take a step back and see where the issues lie. That’s where having an independent pair of eyes can really make a difference. Symatrix’ HR and Payroll Process Improvement practice can help you get to the heart of how you can work smarter, both within the HR and Payroll function and into the wider business.

Whether alongside a software implementation, or as a stand-alone initiative, we can offer:

  • Current state or 'As Is' process mapping
  • Health-checking, including identification of inefficiencies, process blockages and bottlenecks, resource utilisation issues, behavioural or cultural factors which may affect process performance.
  • Creation of good practice future state or 'To Be' processes.
  • Resource and skills planning
  • HR dashboard and KPI design
  • Business Change Management services to help you transition to your new world smoothly and with the buy-in of your stakeholders.

We have a wealth of experience in helping businesses in many sectors make the most of their HR resources, reshape relationships with the wider business and demonstrate strategic value.

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