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Oracle E-Business

Oracle E-Business

Have you invested in Oracle e-Business Suite and you’re just not ready to make the move to the latest solution on the Cloud? With at least 10 years of Premier Support remaining from Oracle, your investment remains a strong platform on which you can drive improvements across your organisation. Whatever your objectives for e-Business, we have award-winning teams that can help.

E-Business Suite is developed as one single application for all your people data which means you can streamline, simplify, automate and transform your HR operating Model and look to address key bottlenecks around your business, like payroll, absence, benefits, recruitment, learning, etc.

Continuous improvement is a big part of Cloud so if you are looking to roadmap your move from on-premise to Cloud, we can help get you started by building strong foundations from which to move. Our process improvement services are often used to get ahead of the curve, by looking at best practices and improvement cycles that complement a Cloud release cadence. Building these ways of working and improving early in your business can really help to smooth any future transition.

And if you’re looking to remove the maintenance overhead in the short-term, we can help you by hosting your application on our private cloud, taking away the headache of managing your on-premise IT environment.


Oracle E-Business Offerings

Case Studies

Lend Lease

Through outsourcing their support to Symatrix, Lend Lease reduced the change of their system by 90%, this was enabled through our robust change process which assess business benefits as well as user experience, and impact on departments.


There are countless examples of Symatrix introducing pragmatic solutions and best practice that contributed to the project’s success.

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