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Environment and Release Management

Hosting and Environment Management

Many of our customers want the benefits of Oracle on-premise applications without the reliance on in-house teams to manage the infrastructure. The Symatrix Hosting service provides the solution with hardware, software, infrastructure and governance services from a dedicated datacentre and a fall back disaster recovery solution.

The Hosting service includes:

  • Hardware procurement, installation and configuration
  • On-going management of the hardware environment including Operating System
  • Oracle applications installation
  • Oracle applications hosting and monitoring
  • Environment management
  • Planned Backup facility
  • Disaster Recovery facilities (if specified)
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • A Service Delivery Manager responsible for the day to day management of the service

If you have Oracle, and aren’t ready to move to Cloud but want to start realising the benefits, then our Oracle Hosting Services might just be for you.

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