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Financial Services

The finance industry is constantly changing and teams are having to keep up with legislative updates whilst ensuring they remain compliant. The increasing adoption of omni-channel banking means that there are more and more systems in each channel that need to be maintained. The increase in data is also challenging as the industry must remain GDPR compliant. Equally, the industry is highly audited putting further burden on legal compliance. Consumers are also changing the way that they want to bank and handle their money. With many of the ‘pay day loan’ companies disappearing and the increased education around them, employers are increasingly offering their people the opportunity to draw down their pay as soon as they have earned it, rather than waiting for their usual pay day.

Of all the challenges this industry faces, HR, Payroll and Finance applications should not be amongst them.

See how Symatrix has helped your industry to unleash the endless possibilities of your enterprise applications with managed application services and global managed payroll.

Specialised Financial Services Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Is it good enough to deliver a project on time and on budget? We don’t think so. We think customers also need to create operational efficiencies that deliver on their business case and required outcomes; that’s what Symatrix does, whether it’s a green field implementation, a module add on or an improvement project on your existing solution, we work to your desired outcomes.

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Symatrix Symply Pay

We’re guessing you never want to hear about payroll, you just want it to work? We agree. That’s why we’re intensely proud of our unique payroll service designed to be truly different. Symatrix Symply Pay provides an operationally efficient payroll service, which reduces administration and risk, whilst controlling cost. Not only that, it is ISO27001 data security accredited and run out of the UK. 

Cloud HCM & ERP Managed Services

Oracle Application Managed Services

Are you finding it harder than you imagined to manage or maximise your investment in your enterprise Cloud? Symatrix’ next generation Managed Services takes that headache away; driving solution optimisation whilst lightening the load of release management, testing and support from internal teams.

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