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Symatrix Accelerate

Symatrix Accelerate is a suite of HR, Payroll and Recruitment solutions delivered at pace and focused on meeting your business objectives.

Have you outgrown your current systems but are daunted by embarking on a long and costly replacement project? We’ve all heard horror stories of HR and Payroll systems taking much longer than anticipated and not necessarily realising the outcomes of the initial plan. However, here at Symatrix we’ve packaged our solutions in such a manner that they are tailored to meet your requirements with a fixed scope, best practice approach that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

Ask yourself:

  • Do your HR team and other people struggle with a hotchpotch of manual procedures that means you are not getting the most out of your current systems?
  • Are you confident that you can pay your people on time and accurately?
  • Are the stars of tomorrow turning away from you as a potential employer because your recruitment processes send out all the wrong messages?
  • Are you daunted by stories of long and costly implementations that don’t solve your pain?

If you relate to any of the above we may have the answer. The Symatrix Accelerate Suite is built around the power of the industry-leading Oracle HCM application suite. Each of the solutions offer you a base implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud with the elements you need to get off the ground quickly and cost effectively whilst achieving your objectives.

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