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Enhancing enterprise experience: Oracle Redwood’s transformative impact

by Doug Crane, Senior Programme Manager, Symatrix 

Oracle Redwood is the name of Oracle's next generation user experience. It brings state-of-the-art, consumer grade user experiences across devices to the sophisticated enterprise scenarios that Oracle enables.  

Redwood is more than just a facelift, it represents a fundamental transformation in the enterprise user experience (UX). At its core, Redwood combines intuitive, user-friendly design typical of consumer applications with the robust, scalable framework of enterprise systems, making interactions simpler more consistent and inherently intuitive.  

Redwood offers a unified UX across all platforms and devices. It introduces a sophisticated design language characterised by modern visuals, such as updated colour schemes and streamlined layouts. These design elements make navigation straightforward and visually appealing, reducing the learning curve and enhancing user engagement. 

Furthermore, Redwood strengthens enterprise systems functionality by incorporating advanced technologies. It employs adaptive intelligence to provide personalised recommendations and automate tasks based on user behaviour and preferences. This level of intelligent automation is integrated across various Oracle applications, from customer relationship management (CRM) to supply chain management (SCM), fostering a more interconnected and responsive business ecosystem. 

On top of this, Oracle Redwood excels in data visualisation, an essential feature for businesses that need to make swift, informed decisions. Through high-quality, real-time visual reports and dashboards, it enables users to quickly grasp complex data sets, facilitating better decision-making at all organisational levels. 

The transformative impact of Oracle Redwood is evident in how it simplifies and enhances the enterprise experience, making every interaction with Oracle more intuitive and engaging. This platform not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of enterprise applications but also bolsters their functionality, boosting user satisfaction and productivity.  

The role of Symatrix in enhancing Redwood deployments 

Symatrix, with its deep expertise in Oracle solutions, plays a crucial role in helping businesses harness Redwood’s full potential. While our focus remains on enabling organisations to seamlessly integrate Redwood's capabilities into their operations, we ensure that our involvement enriches the deployment process without overshadowing Redwood’s core benefits. 

Symatrix tailors Redwood implementations to meet the specific needs of each organisation, aligning the software with existing business processes to enhance and not just fit the ecosystem. We provide ongoing support and optimisation, including updates and training, to help businesses fully leverage Redwood's advanced features over time. Our integration expertise ensures a cohesive setup across all Oracle systems, enhancing overall system efficiency and reducing complexity. 

The journey with Oracle Redwood and Symatrix 

Oracle Redwood has been evolving since it was first introduced in 2023, with incremental changes being implemented each quarter. By 2025, it will be mandatory for all new (greenfield) Oracle implementations to comply with this requirement. Existing (brownfield) Oracle HCM users must have been live on some modules as of April 2024.  

Symatrix helps its business customers understand where they are on the Oracle roadmap and how to bridge any gaps, ensuring a smooth transition, whether they are starting from a new implementation or upgrading existing systems. 

We recognise that each client will be different based on the modules that they have implemented; their appetite for risk (in this case, for upgrading), and also the maturity roadmap that Oracle is producing. 

In line with this, our experience with various clients highlights our capability to support two different journey scenarios: new implementations and incremental upgrades. We've successfully guided clients through the adoption process many times before, whether they are undertaking new implementations, or upgrades. We are always fully focused on delivering minimal disruption and maximum benefit from the new features Redwood offers, and on helping clients to test capabilities and switch them on, when they feel they are ready and that the time is right. 

The future of Enterprise UX with Oracle Redwood and Symatrix 

Embracing Oracle Redwood through Symatrix goes beyond simple IT upgrades; it's about equipping your business for the future with an intuitive, engaging solution designed to meet both current and future challenges. Redwood's advanced design and technology not only improve the day-to-day operations but also position enterprises to thrive in an increasingly competitive technological landscape. 

Businesses aiming to transform their operational capabilities and elevate user experiences will find Oracle Redwood an invaluable asset. With Symatrix as your strategic partner, navigating the transition to a more efficient and effective enterprise environment becomes a clear and structured journey. 

For more detailed insights into how Symatrix can facilitate your organisation's transformation with Oracle Redwood, contact us directly for a personalised consultation. 

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