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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management? What do we mean? Let us explain. Our customers over the years have needed us to simplify what can be quite complex. Managing Oracle is our area of expertise and our customers realise that a lot of maintenance and co-ordination of changes that happen within Oracle need to be carefully and strategically managed. If you don’t have specific roles to do this within your business, the whole Oracle eco-system can be adversely affected. So, last to the Symatrix service party was Portfolio management which essentially pulls all the threads together. It’s a bit like project and change management rolled into one but within a BAU (Business As Usual) environment and all managed by us!

Our Portfolio life cycle includes:

  • prioritisation of changes based on assessments of risk and return;
  • assessments of all change progress via stage gates;
  • periodic portfolio-level reviews and regular reporting;
  • consistent portfolio-wide approaches to benefits management.


Good governance of your portfolio provides an opportunity to improve the management of projects and programmes consistently. A well-managed Oracle portfolio provides the structure and commitment needed to improve an organisation’s or function’s maturity.

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