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BGL Group is one of the UK’s largest consumer insurance and financial services organisations with 2,500 employees. Over the last 20 years they have grown their business to help serve the need of over 8 million customers.

The Challenge

To reduce the burden on BGL’s internal technical infrastructure, they decided to start their journey to the Cloud from their Vision program. This decision was also made in the hopes that they could utilise the latest systems features and integrate with social media and mobile apps to give their employees more mobile capabilities. At the end of a thorough selection process, Symatrix was chosen. This was due to our ability to install Oracle HCM cloud with unparalleled expertise and skill.

The Solution

Through deploying the project in phases, it allowed the business time to embed the solution in modules. This also gave employees the time needed to embrace the self-service technology so that they could harness the technology to its entirety. A key driver for success in the project has been the ability to empower employees and managers with simple, digital experiences, increasing accountability and transparency to the workforce.

BGL continues with their journey with bi-annual releases and monthly patches. This has delivered significant changes to the system from the initial deployment, two years ago. BGL has seen significant benefits since moving to the cloud such as a more attractive landing page for end users, and other incremental features.

“On the whole, we have been able to deploy the product successfully. Global HR, Absence and Workforce Compensation were all delivered on time and to budget.”


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